Thursday, January 4, 2018

Januar 4

"Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist…" 
(Eph 6:14 NIV)
Our son was in his early teens and he had just bought his first bicycle with money he had earned himself. After only a few days the bicycle was stolen and the excitement over the bicycle rapidly changed to sadness. We went to the police station together to report the theft. We expressed our disappointment as to what had happened to the police officer and told him what a great economic loss this represented for our son. “Well”, the policeman said, “I guess your insurance will take care of it”. When we informed him that the bike had not been locked when it was stolen and would compromise the integrity of our insurance policy He stopped his rapid typing on the keyboard where the report about the theft slowly emerged. He looked up at us saying: “Well, but do you really need to be that honest?” Imagine, the upholder of the law asks us if we need to be that honest!
I don´t believe that I have ever felt a stronger passion for justice than at that very moment. My answer was very clear: “Yes we need to be that honest”! Even if the entire society around us stretches truth, and adjusts to what seems to be most beneficial for one’s circumstances at the time, the people of God must react when falsehood rears its ugly head. We must show that there is another way to live. The belt of truth is what holds together the inner life of a Christian believer.

Lord, help me to live a truthful and righteous life today, even if it would cause negative consequences personally to live justly as a Christian. I do not want to allow any falsehoods into my life.

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