Sunday, December 22, 2019

December 22

"You are the salt of the earth" (Matthew 5:13)

In the days preceding Christmas chaos exists in many homes. One decorates the home in full and lots of Christmas foods are prepared. I read the following in a cooking article some time ago:

Painstakingly the food preparer builds up the tastes: lay out the vegetables and meat, pour in wine, add herbs and cream, maybe honey, vinegar, chili, pepper ... but all this would be in vain if it were not for one simple additive - salt. This modest mineral is a vital developer. When measured exactly to the right addition of salt, all the flavors are exposed in their splendor.

Jesus says that we Christians are the salt of the earth, but he also warns that salt can lose its savor. The people around us spice up their Christmas with ‘things’ and all sorts of additives in order that Christmas will be as special as one could want.
But in many homes salt is lacking. Salt - the Gospel of Jesus Christ who comes to his people, God incarnate, has no place. Let us, as we prepare for Christmas at our best, not forget the salt!

Lord, come and be present with us during this upcoming season so that Christmas joy, and all its flavors are released to flavor everything in full splendor.