Saturday, October 26, 2019

October 26

“Bear in mind that the LORD has given you the Sabbath; ..."
(Exodus 16:29 NIV)

Today, for most people in our country, there is no difference between Sunday and weekdays. The demands of work hangs over us all the time in some way, although in theory, we have more time off now, than what people ever had before in history. The vast majority does not know what the church bell heralding the weekend represents - namely, that now we enter into the Sabbath, and begin a holiday rest, a weekly rest period.
One of my aunts owned a shop. She kept it open Monday to Saturday virtually every day of the year, and it was very seldom that she closed her business and took time off. But every Saturday, when she closed the shop at around lunchtime, she cleaned her house. Then she raked the large gravel yard and path behind the house, leaving a perfect linear pattern. It was the last thing she did before the clock struck six, signaling the entry into the weekend. Then she rested, and the only thing that then happened before Monday morning was that she bicycled faithfully every Sunday to the church and played the organ for the hymns.
Every time I hear the church bells toll now, calling the worshipers to the church service, I think of my aunt raking the gravel path. All had to be neat and orderly, both inside and out, because the holiday was a time to rest. Today my aunt rests a bit more. She is 97 years of age and still lives a good life. I think we modern-day people would feel good to maintain a regular weekly rest period. A day of rest is not a demand imposed on us, but rather, a gift we have received from the Lord.

Lord help me to prioritize correctly in order that I can indeed accept the wonderful gift You have given us, the Sabbath day. Thank You for Your concern for me. Thank You for wanting me to rest one of the seven days that You give us each week.

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