Thursday, November 28, 2019

November 28

”Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water..."
(Genesis 21:19 NIV)

Hagar had to flee with her young son. She wandered around the desert in despair, without hope. And then the water ran out. Hagar knew that now the end was near, both for herself and for her son. So she placed the child, who was crying loudly, comfortably under a bush and walked away a bit. It was unbearable to see her child die. Then it says ‘But God heard the boy crying ... and said to Hagar: What's the matter, Hagar? Do not be afraid’ (verse 17). It seems as though Hagar had not even tried to pray to God, because it says that God had to ask Hagar what was the matter. But God saw her and knew where salvation was to be found and he opened her eyes and she saw a well, and then she and the boy were rescued.
 We can come into situations in life where all hope seems absent. We feel like we are wandering around in a desert without water. We may even have fled from our responsibilities, because we weren’t able to be near when the catastrophe occurs. Maybe we forgot to pray in our despair, just as Hagar. Then God asks: ‘What's the matter?’ He wants us to tell Him about our need. When we do that He will open our eyes so we can see the solution in our confused situation.

Lord, thank You for watching over those who belong to You. Thank You for knowing where salvation is found and for opening our eyes so that we can see a solution to our problems.

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