Saturday, November 30, 2019

November 30

”See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness."
(Luke 11:35 NIV)

Today a great deal is said about ensuring the quality of organizations and companies. Sven Nygren has identified three issues that one must ask when we assess the quality of non-profit organizations. 1) Is our foundation well grounded? 2) Are we doing the right things? and 3) Are we doing things right?
These issues are also a good idea to ask if I want to assess the state of my faith. First is the question if I'm grounded in the proper foundation. The Bible says that the foundation must be Jesus Christ. It is only if you have built your life on Him that you can answer yes to the first question. It is not enough that you are an active member of a church or that you grew up in a Christian home.
The second question is pointless to ask if you have not answered the first. If not, then you must deal with it. But if you answered yes to the first question, you can go ahead and answer the second question, do you do the right things. The foundation is the same for all Christians, but the right things are different from person to person. The answer to the question if you do the right things in life you can only reach by talking to Jesus and get His confirmation in your spirit.
The third question can be seen as a fine-tuning of the previous questions. It is an issue that we constantly have to keep alive and we must listen for the Holy Spirit's guidance so that we can do what we do in the best possible way.

God, I want to build my life on the solid foundation that is, Jesus Christ, so that the light in me does not go dark. I thank You because You have a plan for my life and I pray that I will do the right things so that the plan can be realized, and I ask You to help me do these things right.

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