Thursday, December 19, 2019

December 19

”Your eyes saw my unformed body" (Psalm 139:16)

God's love is like a funnel. He loves the world. He loves Europe. He loves Sweden, he loves the countryside and the city where you live and the parish or church, to which you may belong. But above all he loves you.
To belong to a nation is a gift from God. Community with others is a gift from God. The fellowship of the Church is a gift from God. But for Him, it does not matter if your entire community bows down and worships Him unless you too are in union with them. God wants fellowship with you.
God is always looking for the individual and he is waiting for you and me to respond. Even if He owns all authority in heaven and on earth, He will never force us into communion. He wants our voluntary response to His love. He wants my praise and yours.

Just think if my life could turn into a song of praise, a gentle song of praise to the God of life What if I saw every day as an asset, to manage as His asset. Imagine if every day was a tribute to Him, who gave his life to offer me peace. Imagine if the light that He lit in my heart, would become the hope in our dark time.

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