Thursday, December 27, 2018

December 27

"This (Jesus) is my beloved son. Listen to him." (Mark 9:7 NIV)

During our years in Norway we lived not far from the Swedish border. Usually, we could tune in to the Swedish radio broadcasts. Some mornings I would remain in bed and tried to set the correct Swedish channel. But the interference was often quite strong, and the incessant ‘roar’ drowned out the transmission signal. I would then try to set the channel again, or find a different frequency, because I really wanted to hear the news and the Swedish morning devotions. It took a while, of active listening and dials turning, in order to find the very best transmission signal to the broadcast.
God is broadcasting to us human beings all the time. He always has something He wants to say to us; words of encouragement, words of admonition and words of consolation. But sometimes there is so much disturbance before the message reaches us that we have difficulty in understanding what He says. Often, when this happens, we give up and switch off. But sometimes we have to take the necessary time to adjust the setting of our ‘receptors’ and coordinate the conditions as best we can, in order to perceive what He says. We do this by quietly listening, concentrating and adjusting our connection so that we have the best possible reception.

Jesus, thank you for sending your message to people all the time, every day. Help me today to listen carefully, even though there might be much interference that would prevent my understanding Your voice.

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