Friday, June 7, 2019

June 7

”He who was seated on the throne said, ’I am making everything new!’” (Revelations 21:5 NIV)

The story is told that when the famous artist Michelangelo in the 1500s created the magnificent, more than 5 meter high statue of David in Florence, he did so using a damaged and discarded block of marble. One day he visited a masonry searching for suitable material for sculpting. He wandered around seeking and eventually came to the rear of the property where only throw off pieces were found. Among the discarded stones one block captured his interest. It was a block of marble that many, from amateurs to artists, had sought to do something with, but failed, and now it lay there in the back yard discarded. Michelangelo pondered, and examined the block thoroughly and said; ”Hmm – I believe I can create something magnificent using that block”- and so he did.
Our lives are sometimes like that discarded block of marble. Others have awkwardly hacked with their hammers and chisels and sought to ’form’ us. Personally we have tried to file a bit here and there, however, we have also failed - and now we feel totally rejected. It feels as though we are put at the outskirts of town, alone, useless and discarded. Then the great Master comes, Jesus Christ. He looks at us, ponders for a moment and says; ”Hmm – I believe I can create something great in that person.” – And He will do just that if we only allow Him to take care of us.


Lord, shape me as You will. I want to be shaped by Your hands. Thank you that no person is useless or worthless in your sight. Thank You that You are able to create something great from ’nothing’. 

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