Thursday, June 27, 2019

June 27

”…mighty are those who obey his command… ” (Joel 2:11b NIV)

You’ve seen it – and I’ve seen it. A sprightly little lady stretches her hand
up in the air and she stops, with this simple little gesture, all traffic –
hundreds of automobiles. She has power over bulky, powerful truck
drivers driving massive 18 wheelers. She has power over the capitalistic
yuppies ’posing’ in their ”beamers”. She has power over the professional
chauffer who presumably has spent hundreds more hours on the road
than she has. When her hand stretches high, all stop obediently. What’s
the secret? Yes, you have surely worked it out. It’s a policewoman I’m
speaking about.
Even though she couldn’t in her own strength stop a bicycle, she is
able in her capacity as police exact enormous power. Behind her little
hand lays namely all the authority of the country’s traffic legislature and
the entire workings of the court tribunal.
In God’s Kingdom we can count on God standing behind His Word.
He gives His authority to weak people who in themselves come with little
strength. But in His might we can do great things.

Jesus, thank You that I can count on Your mighty power in all that
occurs. Even if I don’t accomplish much on my own, I can do great things
when You are with me.

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