Monday, July 22, 2019

July 22

”For this is what the Lord Almighty says: "After he has honored me and has sent me against the nations that have plundered you--for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye...” (Zechariah 2:8 NIV))

Sometimes, as a Christian, one can feel very lonely and distant. Most people who live near us in our community are not witnessing Christians. They don’t share our values and they don’t have the vaguest understanding that our Christian faith is worth more than all. Nor do they understand that we are hurt, just like others, when belittled and disparaged by their comments. Today’s Bible verse gives comfort to those who must withstand ridicule on the basis of their Christian faith.
Today’s verse assures us that God sees what happens and that He will defend us. The words apple of my eye are defined in the Swedish National Encyclopedia as; ’someone or something that is the object of a certain person’s fondest appreciation’. And we can be certain that since we are the apple of His eye He will not leave us alone, rather, He wants to be with us and share the hurt. He wants to give us joy for sharing in His suffering and He will come to our defense.

Lord, thank You in that I can count on being the 'apple of your eye' today – that I can be the object of your fondest appreciation. Help me to fully appreciate that You never abandon those who confess to being Yours.

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