Tuesday, October 22, 2019

October 22

"My dear, now we are children of God, but it has not yet become clear what we will become." (1 John 3:2 NIV)

We remain focused on yesterday's scripture verse today, as we continue thinking on growth. Anders Frostensson writes in one of his hymns: "Let me grow in stillness, like a tree in the forest ...".
Trees can grow to be very old and to observe a tree’s growth one must invest a very long time. In the forest industry they speak of a harvest cutting cycle of at least 80 years. That means it is not possible to perceive the growth of a tree from day to day. Yet one can clearly observe that the tree has grown, if one were to get a bit more perspective.
If it is difficult to see the growth of a tree, it is perhaps more difficult to trace the growth of a human being. It is true for both ourselves and for others. Sometimes, when we fail in our Christian life, we wonder if there has actually been a change at all. However, when we become Christians, a new cycle of life begins to grow. Although we are perfect in God's eyes the moment we give our lives to Him, we will not suddenly become a impeccable man who never does anything wrong. The new life in us must continue to battle against the old self all our life, and it can only grow through the nourishment we receive when living in fellowship with God.  It is in stillness - just as the trees grow.

Lord, help me to not give up when I fail to be that which you want me to be. Help me to instead to seek to be closer to you and get nourished in your mercy and your unconditional love for me.

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