Sunday, November 17, 2019

November 17

"... concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me." (Isaiah 45:11 NIV)

When we trust God, He leads us to the people to whom He wants us to bear witness. Sometimes our human care and love, to those who are close to us, deceive us to go beyond God, in our eagerness to win them for God. God, who knows every heart, knows at what stage of the conversion process every human finds himself. The risk, when we run ahead of God, is that God's way to the human heart becomes longer than necessary.
We humans are naturally resistant to change, when another person wants to change us. It is only God who can bring about a spiritual change in a person's life.
John Hedlund was a well known evangelist and expositor. He once said: "Carry people in the heart instead of on your shoulders. The heart can cope with much more than your shoulders." The heart represents the prayers of intercession of the people and the shoulders represent human ambitions.
You and I can always carry people in prayer to Jesus. We can pray that the Holy Spirit will have free access to our loved ones’ lives. We can pray that Jesus will send people in their path, people who are willing tools in His service. But we can never save a single human being, no matter how much we love them. Only God can do that.

Thank you Jesus that we may give over care for our loved ones to You. Help us to faithfully carry them in our hearts, without our shoulders being burdened down by the load.

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