Sunday, January 13, 2019

January 13

"In the way of righteousness there is life…" (Proverbs 12:28)

Yesterday our devotions were about the gates of righteousness. Today they are about the path of righteousness. At my work place I have a painting on the wall. The painting depicts an oak lined avenue. The

oaks are old and leafy and the road between the rows of oaks is rather wide. No people are on the road. It is entirely deserted. You get the impression though, that the trees that have grown there for hundreds of years have seen quite a few things, and they must have heard both this and that. Nonetheless, they have faithfully stood guard along the road and kept to themselves what they have heard and seen.

Someone told me that sometimes they plant trees in severely polluted environments, because trees absorb the pollution and clean the air. I sometimes reflect on this as I look at the painting at work. It speaks of peace and serenity and I get the impression that the trees have absorbed every evil word that has been said on the road, and every dark look ever exchanged between people who walked along the road.

The painting has a text under it and it is today’s portion of the Bible about the path of righteousness. It refers to a spiritual road on which the people of God may walk and in which there is life. And the following verse reads; “In its pathway there is no death”. This is the path we may walk only when Jesus is part of our lives, He, who absorbed all our sin in Himself.

Thank you Jesus for the privilege I have, to walk in the path of righteousness together with You. Thank You for the life I find there. Thank You for the peace I find there. Thank You Jesus for being there!

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