Saturday, January 12, 2019

January 12

“Open for me the gates of righteousness; I will enter and give thanks to the LORD.” (Psalm 118:19 NIV)

Today our devotion is about the gates of righteousness. One Bible commentary on today’s Bible verse, says that it is the King who pronounces his command as he reaches the gates of the temple with his procession, and the priests answered from the inside of the temple.
Thousands of ordinary people however, have also prayed those words that the gates of righteousness would open up to them. They have had an urge to come near to God. They have wanted to express their gratefulness in His presence.
And the true priests of the Lord have throughout history pointed out the direction to the gate of the Lord, salvation in Jesus Christ. And those who faithfully remain with Him may go out and in through that gate, not because of their own righteousness, but because they have put on the righteousness of Jesus. Lydia Baxter writes about this gate:

That gate ajar stands free for all
Who seek thro' it salvation
The rich and poor, the great and small
 Of every tribe and nation
Yes, in the blood of Christ I see
The gate that stands ajar for me
For me! For me! That stands ajar for me!

Thank you Jesus that the gate of righteousness is open today. Thank You that by grace we may enter it and come into Your presence.

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