Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 2

“Freely you have received, freely give.”  (Mathew 10:8b NIV)

We had a big, beautiful old iron pot on three solid legs. In the spring we painted it a glossy black. I imagined all the beautiful flowers that I would plant in it as soon as the weather became warm enough. We discussed whether we should drill a hole in the bottom before we filled it with soil, but we decided that it was a pity to make deface such a beautiful pot.
Summer came and the pot was filled with soil, and flowers with glowing colors were planted. Then came the rain; not just any rain, but continuous rain – week after week. Finally, the flowers started to rot, since there was no place where the water could seep out from the pot. And it stank! Stationary waters stink.
In our Christian lives it is very similar. God richly blesses his children every day. We receive his Word as we read the Bible. We participate in church services and hear the Gospel being preached. We receive the blessings. But if that, which we receive does not find a way to seep out, it will soon begin to stagnate. The Gospel needs to be constantly flowing, and every Christian needs to find an avenue by which to become an outlet for the blessings received, otherwise he or she will no longer be able to receive more from the Lord and the blessings will become rancid.


Jesus, show me how you want me to pass on the Gospel. Thank you that You will go before me and prepare a way. I want to follow You.

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