Tuesday, March 12, 2019

March 12

“…he leads me beside quiet waters” (Psalm 23:2 NIV)

Sometimes I meet the gaze of an older Christian, someone, who during the course of their long life has led many persons to become believers. There’s something unique about that look. There’s a calm – a stillness, that creates a longing. I often wonder at what formed the character in such a person. When my own life’s feelings face storms and are tossed in disarray, it seems these same people remain undisturbed when life's stormy gales assail them.
I believe the secret lies in, they have time and time again allowed themselves to be led by the Lord to the still waters. And the calm of the still waters has reflected into their being. Their being received peace, and that is how these people in turn function, as a mirror of peace, to us who meet them. It is only a still presence that can truly reflect Heaven’s glory.

Lord, I want to be carried to the still waters in Your presence today. Thank You that there You allow my fretful mind and emotions to find stillness.

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