Monday, March 11, 2019

March 11

”The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want" (Psalm 23:1 NIV)

Yesterday we considered one of the introductory words in the 23rd Psalm. Today’s word is a continuation of yesterday’s and describes the consequences of allowing the Lord to be our Shepherd.
The words ’not be in want’ (wanting nothing) can never be ’relative’. One cannot speak about little or much ”nothing”. As soon as we say almost nothing, we have removed ourselves from the word’s real meaning. Almost nothing is no longer ”nothing”. Nothing stands in direct contrast with everything. If nothing shall be lacking, it means that I shall be provided all I will need. It was this assurance of provision that David claimed when he wrote the well known Psalm.
The preceding word David used is ”shall”. It speaks of the future. David is content in his reliance on God knowing that, if the Lord is his Shepherd, nothing will be lacking him.
 That something is ”lacking” implies that one is missing something, that there is a deficiency. However, David’s unshakable faith declares that he shall never be in want or ever be lacking any deficit.
Lastly comes the small but important word ”I”. David doesn’t believe only in a God in general terms, one Who acts and steers the world on a common plane. David believes in a God who sees the little person and who cares about each little detail in their life. And, this is the God who makes an entry on every page of the Bible. It is this God to whom I want to belong.

Lord, thank You for being a personal God that cares for each little person who places their faith in You. I want to follow You today, You, my Shepherd, for then I know, I shall lack nothing.

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