Thursday, April 4, 2019

April 4

"See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain." (Hebrew 8: 5b)

When Moses was going to build a tabernacle, God’s dwelling during the wandering in the wilderness, it wasn’t for His own doing. It was the Lord’s work He was to complete and God was concerned that Moses wouldn’t begin building in accordance to his own design. Therefore, He showed him a clear outline of how He wanted the work performed.
When one of our sons was four years old he was eager to learn how to write his name. I hand-printed a clear sample for him which he kept in front of him as he practiced. Nevertheless, I had to time and again remind him that he had to study my sample in order for him to do it correctly and not depend on his own unsuccessful attempts. It wouldn’t have helped even if he had a sample drawn by a peer. The only way to achieve a satisfactory standard in learning to write his name was to precisely attempt to copy my example.
Jesus is the perfect image for each person. It is only He who is faultless. We can do a self-examination and seek to better ourselves a bit here and there, or we can look at other people and attempt to emulate them, but it is only when we fix our gaze steadily on Jesus that the really exciting development can begin.

Lord, thank You that you who are faultless and perfect, want to be together with us small people and help us in life’s different phases where we just can’t get it together. Thank You for Your patience with us, and thank You for constantly reminding us that we should lift our gaze and look to you.

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