Sunday, April 7, 2019

April 7

” …you have depended on your own strength…" (Hosea 10:13.b)

Many people lay down plans for the future without counting on the fact that God has a perfect plan for each person’s life. None of us can follow His plan wholly and completely. God knows this and doesn’t blame us when we fail. However, God wants us to strive and long to live as close as possible to His plan. This will only occur if we live close to Jesus through faithful Bible reading and prayer. Only then can we learn to think and plan as God wants. Without this steady reminder of God’s way that we are enlightened about through reading His word, we will unintentionally go awry.

Jesus, today you want to abide with me. You want to be my joy and comfort, my encourager and my refuge. Remind me today that You are found in all that happens and that all that faces me can be changed to something good in Your hands.

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