Thursday, May 9, 2019

May 9

“Command them to do good… to be generous and willing to share.”
(I Timothy 6:16 NIV)

I witnessed a wonderful illustration a few Sunday’s ago. It was during the children’s feature in the morning worship. The worship leader held a candle in his hand. One of the children lit the candle for him. All the children watched. In his other hand the leader had a similar candle and with all the children keenly watching he lit this candle with the flame from the first candle. When both candles were properly lit he asked the children, ‘how much did the first candle loose by sharing of itself with the other?’ The children discovered surprisingly that the first candle burned just as bright even though it had shared its warmth and light with the other candle. The leader then continued his illustration by lighting a whole row of candles that he had placed on the podium. And in spite of the fact that the first candle had shared with all of the others it still burned bright and clear.
God’s method in multiplying is called sharing. Just like the candle, it functions for us as well. If we dare share of our goodness with others, God will see to it that there will be more than enough for ourselves.

Jesus, You want to be very close and share with me. Thank You that Your resources are unending and You will see to it that I will never suffer any want if I just live near You.

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