Saturday, November 2, 2019

November 2

"... but wisdom brings success." (Ecclesiastes 10:10 b NKJV)

Yesterday's scripture dealt with the importance of sharpening the blade when it has been dulled, because if we don’t, it is easy to deceive ourselves and as a consequence we are forced to expend more effort than necessary. We focused in the devotion on the need to regularly return to Christ so that we can keep updated. The Bible’s words from yesterday continue with the words that constitute today's scripture. They confirm that what we talked about yesterday is wisdom, everything else is unwise.
One of my many pious aunts presented me with a cookbook. On the first page of the book she had, as usual, written a scripture verse. She never gave anything away without including a scripture verse. And the scripture she quoted in the cookbook were the words, ‘Wisdom brings success.’ She was a very capable cook and wanted to transfer some of her considerable knowledge to me, and she was keen that I should not cut corners off, but perform basic cooking well.
The words from the cookbook have followed me through life, and I am reminded of them in everything I do, whether it’s cooking, or preparing me to teach or preach. And if I’m ever tempted to skimp on the groundwork, preparation or research, I’m usually reminded of these words. It is not fair to take shortcuts. Good work results require good preparation.

Jesus, help me today to do all my work to the very best. Thank You for being with me and Your willingness to show me what is wisdom in the work I have to do today.

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