Monday, April 22, 2019

April 22

”They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.”  (Psalm 22:5 NIV)

What wonderful encouragement it is when we hear what God has done for others. When I was a child I was eager to hear stories told of how God had stepped into the lives of people. We feel good when we are reminded of what God did in the past. It helps us trust Him more in the ‘present’. However, God doesn’t always act in the manner we believe He will.
I went to visit a Godly but cancer ridden friend who had meant much to me in my Christian development. I wanted so much to provide comfort and encouragement to her. I read the Bible, prayed and assured her that God loved her, but somehow I sensed it didn’t quite 'reach' her. As I was leaving I turned in the doorway to say a final farewell. Then her face broke into a wide smile and she burst out: ”Ruth, just now when you smiled at me, it was from the Lord !”  A simple and spontaneous smile reached further than all my words and human efforts.

Thank You God that you never abandon those who trust in You. Thank You for wanting to use us as Your messengers. Not always in the fashion we expect or would want, but rather in ways that will be useful and bring joy to our fellow man

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